Since I'm studying 3D Graphics and Animation in college, I thought it might be cool to share some renders I've made in Autodesk Maya. Enjoy!!!

Click on an image to enlarge it.

A random sci-fi lab I made for a final project (ft. Terabotron and Dottaton):

Sci-Fi Lab_1.png

Z.I.G.G.Y. (Yet another random robot I made):


My final project for my texturing class:

Peaceful Field_Alex Diaz_1_1.jpg

Alphatron (Yet another random robot I made):


My first project for my texturing class (models not created by me):

kool_life_01_alex diaz_1.jpg

My 2019-2020 College Demo Reel:

Maltron (Another random robot I made):

Maltron Shooting_1.png

A happy candy cane I made for Christmas 2019:

Candy Cane_1.png

Dottaton (Just a random robot I made):


Terabotron (Space Tyranny):


My freshman year 1st semester final project: