Other games I've made:

Games come in .zip files each, all you need to do is extract them.

*WARNING*: If your computer detects the games as viruses, please do the following. Firstly before you download them, make sure to exclude your browser's downloads folder from being scanned by your anti-virus software as well as the location where the games will be stored. That way so your anti-virus won't be able to scan any excluded areas where the games will be contained. Believe me, I had to do it too...

Current Version: 1.0.1

JJ's Ubermon Journey:
RPG/Action/Adventure/Retro/Strategy/Point & Click
Size: 17 MB
Year of release: 2022

Welcome to Ubermon Island! The place where you can find these creatures known as Ubermon which can be used for battling to help you become the top Ubermon master! Here you play as a young girl named JJ on a journey to explore the island and discover all kinds of Ubermon. You are there with another individual named Asher who is currently the top Ubermon master and has claimed the best Ubermon for himself! He's always been a jerk to everybody and likes to show off his Ubermon collection, and he doesn't like it when people get in his way. What a brat! Can you find all the Ubermon and beat Asher at Ubermon training?

What's that? Are you saying this game is very similar to an already existing game that has been available on the marketplace for many generations? NAH!!! You must be mistaken! This is clearly original work, and resembles nothing else. What's wrong with you?

All jokes aside, this was actually a birthday gift I made for my girlfriend since she loves Pokémon so much. We've been together for a long while now, so I felt like making something special for her. This also took me two months to make, by the way. :P

Your party:

You will always be carrying four carrier Uberballs with you which you can fill with any Ubermon you desire for your team. To do this, simply Left-click on an Uberball from the inventory, then Right-click on one of the four carrier Uberballs on the top-right corner of your screen to put it in. Once the carrier Uberballs are equipped, you can Left-click on them to preview the current Ubermon that it's holding. To reset your carrier Uberballs, just Left-click the "reset" button. When you start playing for the first time, you will begin with two randomly chosen starter Ubermon.

Catching an Ubermon:

When an enemy Ubermon reaches about 25% of its initial HP, a command option will appear which will give you the opportunity to capture it. However, it is a 1 to 4 random chance to capture it. If you capture an Ubermon that you already have, then that Ubermon will just level up.

Pro tip:

Each area has a certain number of unique spots where you might find a rare Ubermon. Once you find these spots, just walk around it to find a rare Ubermon and fight it.

WASD - Move
Mouse - Click stuff
(If you're not comfortable using WASD, you can press Ctrl+Y, then click on the check mark on keyboard for player 1 to change the movement controls to your liking.)

Current Version: 1.0.7

Ninja Force:
Action/Adventure/Platformer/Hack & Slash/Arcade
Size: 4 MB
Year of release: 2021

In the deep lands of Japan, lives an evil Samurai named Shinju who has kidnapped Josh the Ninja's girlfriend, Marlene. Now it's up to Josh to traverse throughout the land to rescue her.


You take control of Josh in a Ninja Gaiden-inspired style of gameplay where you get to platform your way through the stages, hack and slash enemies, collect power ups, fight bosses, etc. All that is necessary to reach the end in order to rescue Marlene from the evil Shinju.

Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Jump
Z - Katana Slash
X - Power Up
P - Pause Game
ESC - Exit Game


Flappy Burger:
Size: 2 MB
Year of release: 2021

Another random and funny take on another classic game. I hope this doesn't become too addicting that will make me want to delete it, if ya know what I mean. ;)


Space Bar: Flap

ESC: Exit Game

Current Version: 1.0.2
Current Version: 1.1.6
Original version:
Current Version: 1.1.7

Alex & Friends' Quest Remastered:
Size: 16 MB
Year of release: 2020

This is a remastered version of Alex & Friends' Quest! Improving some of the flaws from the original, as well as adding new features such as a leveling up system, new secret playable characters, better graphics, modified level design in some levels, no more double jumping, but instead a Mega Man styled jumping, and better yet, widescreen!

It seems that someone has created an evil clone of you named Alexoor, who was created to kidnap all of your friends and take over your very own fantasy world which is based off your favorite childhood video games.

You begin with one character, Alex, who embarks on a quest to rescue his friends, and stop the evil Alexoor from taking over your fantasy world. As you beat the different seven stages, you will unlock new friends to play as on your quest, and there will also be hidden characters in some of the levels that you can play as too.


Arrow Keys: Move
Shift: Jump
Z: Attack
X: Special
TAB: Exit Stage
P: Pause Game
ESC: Exit Game

Current Version: 1.1.3
Flaming Rush version:
Current Version: 1.0.0

Space Tyranny:
Size: 7 MB
Year of release: 2018

The planet Delrone has been under attack by the Zirgols for years, and during those years, many Delronians cried in fear and asked someone for help. Planet Earth has heard their words of fear and sent a robot hero named Terabotron, whose mission is to destroy the Zirgols and protect the Delronians. 

The game has you take control of Terabotron in a Metroid-styled environment where you have to find the way inside the core of the Zirgol planet by collecting item upgrades along the way that will help you progress through the planet.

The game features a Story Mode plus 2 extra time trial modes, Time Mode and Time Mode +.

In Story Mode, you start a new game or load a saved game and must play through the game by collecting the item upgrades and make it to the end to defeat the Zirgols.

In Time Mode, you start off with none of the item upgrades and you must try to find them all while completing the game as fast as you can for a new time record. This mode will not affect your saved data from Story Mode.

In Time Mode +, you start off with the collected item upgrades from Story Mode where you must complete the game as fast as you can for a new time record. Any new item upgrade collected in this mode will be saved on Story Mode.

Arrow Keys: Move 
Shift: Jump 
Z: Shoot 
P: Pause Game 
R: Exit to Menu 
ESC: Exit Game 

Current Version: 1.0.8

Stellar Invasion:
Size: 6 MB
Year of release: 2018

Somewhere at the end of the Solar System, there exists some sort of alien species known as the Zurgons who live in their own planet simply known as Planet Zurgon. Their objective is to take over the entire Solar System and rule the universe. It is up to the Star Guardian (You) to stop them and save the Solar System by flying your rocket through all of the Solar System planets. Are you able to save the universe Star Guardian?


Controls: (There are two different types of controls)

WASD: Move
Shift: Shoot Weapon
ENTER: Change weapon

Arrow Keys: Move
X: Shoot Weapon
Z: Change weapon

Misc. Controls:
P: Pause Game
TAB: Exit Level
ESC: Exit Game

Current Version: 1.0.4

Size: 4 MB
Year of release: 2018

It looks like Man-Pac has gotten himself into a maze full of disgusting Goo Monsters. He wants to find an exit, but he's really hungry, so he finds himself some nice and delicious food that he can eat inside the maze. 

Help Man-Pac eat all of the food to progress through the maze, but avoid the Goo Monsters, they taste awful!


Arrow Keys: Move 
P: Pause Game 
ESC: Exit Game

Current Version: 1.1.7

Size: 5 MB
Year of release: 2017

This is my very first official game, Dracula!

When Dracula leaves his castle for ONE hour, someone has let a bunch of villagers into it. When he returns, he must run through five areas in his castle and find out who let them in. Can you make it? 


Arrow Keys: Move 
Z: Jump 
X: Shoot Fireballs 
P: Pause Game 
ESC: Exit Game