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Kliktopia is an archive of games and applications made using Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion and Clickteam Fusion. Over 3,000 freeware titles are available to download! Please consider supporting the site by uploading any old Klik games that you can find. Visit the site for more information.

* Kliktopia was created by Josh Dowen (Joshtek) *

Check out some freeware fan-games based on the hit Comedy Central show, South Park:

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In this community, you will find a huge list of South Park fan-games that were created primarily with programs from the Clickteam family. Check it out, and have fun!


* South Park Gaming was managed by IngramJ and Trope *
* South Park is a property of Comedy Central, and created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker *

Join Planet Klik, and check out some more Klik games there, and get yours hosted as well!

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Planet Klik is a community site for all products by Clickteam. Here you'll find Klik games, news, forums, and more! Therefore, if you are a Clickteam user, feel free to check out the site, and have your games hosted there. Also make sure you sign up on the forums to keep up to date with news about added games, programming, etc., or you can post about anything else Klik related.

* Planet Klik was created by Tobias Davis *